Dec 25, 2011

Christmas Goose

A single Canada goose has been hanging out at the Northern section of Elkhorn Slough near Hudson's Landing. He or she has been observed there, on and off, for about a week. 

Being seen alone and remaining in one area for an extended period of time is cause for concern. On closer inspection, the goose appears 'disheveled' and in a weakened state, but not so that it's making for an easy catch. 

WildRescue's directors, Rebecca and Duane, made a couple of tries for the bird over the last few days, but no luck. They will make another attempt Christmas morning.

UPDATE: 12-25-11

We got the goose! At about 8:15 we successfully captured him or her! Yay! Thanks to Ron Eby for helping out! It will be transported to SPCA for Monterey County later this morning.

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Eydie said...

Happy you captured the goose....and get him/her some help.....good job....