Dec 29, 2011

A hawk in the house!

In San Jose, homeowners had left their double-wide front doors open, just for a short while, when a large hawk dove after a house sparrow in the courtyard. The hawk snagged the little bird, but the momentum of its dive took it straight inside the foyer of the two-story home. Quickly spooked by its error, the hawk headed upward, dropping the dead sparrow on the stairwell.

One of WildRescue's first responders, Sammarye, was on scene shortly thereafter. By that time, the hawk had ventured into one of the small guest rooms - the door shut behind it. 

The plan was to open the large window in the room for the raptor to escape, but no one knew how easy it would be to pop out the screen. 

Shielding her head and shoulders with a leather jacket, Sammarye slowly entered the room and maneuvered past the hawk, which had settled on the bed. Reaching the window, she quickly raised the venetian blind, slid open the window, and popped out the screen frame with ease. She then used the jacket to block the stationary glass pane, so the bird wouldn't fly into it, and waited for the hawk to make its way out - which it did, in short order.

Way to go!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great Job!!