Jan 6, 2012

Owl hit by foam

Image from IBR blog.

Friday, colleagues from Injured and Orphaned Wildlife (IOW), in Campbell, California, and International Bird Rescue (Cordelia, CA.) worked together to save the life of a screech owl that was accidentally sprayed with polyurethane foam.

Apparently, workers at a construction site began spraying insulation in the attic of a home when they saw the small raptor fall to the ground - three stories.

The bird was rescued and stabilized by IOW and transferred to IBR for emergency treatment.

While the small owl was under anesthesia, IBR medical staff carefully and meticulously chipped away at the hardened foam. Please read the full story and see the incredible pictures at IBR's blog, HERE.


Eydie said...

So many ways wildlife can get injured. This caught my eye. Poor little thing. Happy there are people out there helping them. Cute little owl......great job rescuers and IBR

Andrea Muenter said...

What a horrible ordeal for this little guy to go through. Thank goodness he was able to breathe. But, how frightened he must have been. We sure can be harmful even when we don't mean to be. But a life saved and that is good. Hope he doesn't have any ill effects down the line.