Apr 4, 2012

A wing and a prayer...

Photo courtesy WCSV.
Campbell, CA. Yesterday, at about 1:00 PM, a female crow - her wing somehow wrapped in fishing line, became snagged on a branch of a tall elm tree. As soon as she began to struggle, members of her extended family began to alarm-call, alerting resident humans of the crisis unfolding.

One concerned homeowner began making calls to get the bird help, but to no avail. Finally, she was referred to WildRescue.

The bird was approximately 25' high. We would need a bucket lift or an extension ladder. We called upon Santa Clara County Fire to see if they would help as they did last year for a similarly imperiled crow. Sadly, the reply from the Battalion Chief on duty was, "If it were someone's prized possession, we'd consider it," but not for a crow.

By late afternoon, we decided to call upon local tree service companies. We got really lucky! Our first call was to Bellizzi Tree Service - we reached the owner, Chris, who was willing and eager to help.

It took some doing, but finally, at about 6:00 PM, the hen was rescued. She overnighted at the Santa Clara Humane Society and was transferred to Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley in the morning.

When staff at the Center opened the transport box, they were met with a little surprise. The hen had laid a beautiful aqua-colored egg. Poor girl!

Photo courtesy WCSV.
The crow was quickly tended to - the fishing line removed, and she received a thorough examination. While there were no obvious fractures, she will undergo radiographs, soon. We will post updates as we receive word.


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