May 13, 2012

Donations to Naoto Matsumura

Finally, we have received confirmation that we have the correct bank account for Naoto Matsumura, the 52 year old farmer who stayed behind to tend to the animals after the Fukushima nuclear accident forced everyone else to leave.
In our January 2012 blog post about this brave and extraordinary man, we offered to collect donations to help him feed the hundreds of animals he cares for.

On May 8th, we wired $635.00 of your donations to Matsumura-san! Thank you, Katherine, Danielle, Silvia, Tresia, Ms. Hirayama, Marc, Sal, Marcela, Rodney, Maeve, Stephen, Rupa, David, Susan, Emilia, Andrew, and Marinell!

In researching contacts for Naoto Matsumura, we became acquainted with Nanci Caron, who has been coordinating a worldwide effort to raise awareness and support for Matsumura. 
This is her web site, HERE. To make a contribution to Naoto Matsumura, go HERE.

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Nanci Caron said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your group's contribution to Naoto Matsumura. I appreciate your initiative, your motivation, and your cooperative efforts!

Nanci Caron (fund raiser coordinator)