Jun 6, 2012

Palace Gull Finally Rescued

Photo courtesy Dave Cogswell.

Photo courtesy Ellie Sadler.
We just received word that a badly injured gull, one that has eluded rescuers for the past two weeks, was finally captured by, none other than, one of our Wildlife Hero Purple Cape Award recipients, Dave Cogswell!

The gull was first spotted at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. It had a hook in its mouth and line tangled around its bill, but it was still flighted and very, very wary. There were numerous attempts to capture the seabird - various entities responded, including San Francisco Animal Care and Control (THANK YOU!!!).

It seemed no one could get close enough!

One night, Dave and his wife, Desiree, took the time needed to draw the gull closer and closer using tasty morsels to draw it in, until finally, Dave was able to grab the bird with his bare hands! Way to go!!!!!!!!!! Bravo, bravo!!!!!!

Photo courtesy Dave Cogswell.
The gull was transferred to WildCare (Marin) and then on to seabird experts at International Bird Rescue (Cordelia).
According to medical staff at International Bird Rescue, the gull also had an old fishing hook superficially embedded in its wing, and a very infected hock wound. It remains in guarded condition.

Photo courtesy Dave Cogswell.

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