Jun 3, 2012

Second Red-Tailed Chick Re-Nested

On May 25th, three red-tailed hawk nestlings fell to the ground when their tree-top home disintegrated under high winds. Read the full story HERE.

At that time, only one of the fallen chicks was healthy enough to be re-nested. The others were injured and were transported to Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.

One of the wounded siblings was euthanized due to the severity of its injuries. The other, presented with severe leg and foot issues, however, radiographs showed no fractures. That was good news!

One week later, the chick was ready to be returned home.

Today, WildRescue responders re-nested the chick, reuniting it with its sibling and its parents. Watch the exciting video below, or link to it on Vimeo, HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Great Job!