Jun 1, 2012

Wild Piglet Finds A Forever-Home

Wild pigs are not native to the United States. They are hybridized descendants of pigs brought by settlers and introduced wild boar from Europe.

In California, wild pigs are considered Big Game, and managed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Even though they are an invasive species, hunting and possession of wild pigs is strictly regulated.

This week, WildRescue joined forces with the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley in looking for a home for a wild piglet. The piglet had been taken from the wild, illegally, and raised as a pet. Because of this, it could not be released.

Wild animals that have become habituated to people are the most dangerous because they have lost their natural fear of humans. This wild pig, then, will have to spend its life in captivity and never know true freedom.

We felt the least we could do for this creature, would be to help find him an excellent home with plenty of room to wander and wallow. Pigs are incredibly smart and very social, so we needed to find him a home with other pigs, ideally, wild pigs.

Amazingly, within a day, we were put in touch with a woman from Ojai, CA. It turned out, she's a
pig aficionado with over twenty years experience with wild pigs. She agreed to take the boar, have him neutered, and then he will be placed on an estate in Ojai that already has a spayed female wild pig. Marti watches over all of her placements to make sure they receive proper care and live wonderful lives.

MANY MANY THANKS to Maureen, for making the long trip to Ojai!

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