Sep 29, 2012

In Deep Trouble

Yesterday, around 11:00 a.m., we were contacted by a Soquel resident about an animal trapped in a storm drain. Over the phone, we could hear its desperate cries in the background - it was a young raccoon. Neighbors said it had been crying through the night.

Duane and Rebecca were on scene quickly. They found the 'teenage' raccoon trapped at the bottom of a deep catch basin, standing in about 8" of putrid water. It was clinging to the floating remains of another animal - one that was not so fortunate.

Even though the raccoon was alert and active, it was exhibiting signs of hypothermia from being in the water so long. The team decided to capture the youngster and allow it to recuperate for at least 24 hours instead of setting it free right away.

Using a long-handled net, Duane lifted the raccoon to safety. It 
was placed into a carrier padded with sheets and towels.

A couple of hours later, the very scared, very exhausted little animal was looking much better. It was warm and fluffy again, having groomed itself of the awfulness. Overnight it consumed a platter of food and by morning looked fit for release.

This evening, at 7:30, we transported the raccoon back home and set it free under the cover of darkness.

We will be calling Public Works on Monday to ask that something be done to prevent future entrapments.