Sep 21, 2012

Where are they now?

Just a few updates on some of the wild animals we've rescued this year:

The little raccoon that was stuck in the crook of a tree for at least 8 hours (read the original post HERE) was released August 30th after three weeks' convalescence. Many, many thanks to Native Animal Rescue's Monique for her expert care of the injured raccoon!

Red-shouldered hawk with leg caught between two branches. 

The red-shouldered hawk, also rescued from a fork in a tree (original post HERE), is showing remarkable improvement as it recovers from a severe degloving injury.

These images show how the leg has healed over the past five weeks.

Many, many thanks to the staff and volunteers of the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley for investing so much time and resources into the rehabilitation of this incredible bird!

Bat returns home.

Last month, a small bat was rescued in Carmel Valley. It was found weak and dehydrated by newly indoctrinated wildlife rescuer Chris - Deanna's husband!

After about a week and a half at Monique's, the bat was strong enough to be returned to the wild. It was set free at dusk, in the same location it was found.

Back in June, one of our responders and 2011 Purple Cape recipient Dave Cogswell rescued a gull entangled in fishing line at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco (original post HERE). We're happy to report the gull is back in the wild after extensive treatment and rehabilitation provide by seabird experts International Bird Rescue.

Also in June, we picked up a coyote pup that had been hit by a car in Watsonville, CA (original post HERE). After months in foster care through Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley's Predatory Mammal Program, he's been paired up with two other adolescent coyotes and the 3-pack is almost ready for release to the wild.

Once again, a huge Thank You! to our local wildlife hospitals for providing care to injured, ill, and orphaned wildlife. It is through their dedication and hard work that wild animals get a second chance. Please consider supporting their efforts through a tax-deductible contribution.


melandsyd said...

Thanks so much for the updates. I'm happy that they are all releasable and that soon the red-shouldered hawk will be included in my statement. You all do so very much to help the wildlife.. my hats off to you all!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing follow-ups.

Anonymous said...

It is really nice to see how these cases turned out. Thanks for the updates. Thank you for all you do and for making a difference in one animals life at a time.