Dec 2, 2012

Doing Good

Deanna and Kaia Barth with their awards for their excellent service on behalf of wildlife
At last night's presentation of The Year In Rescues, 6-year old Kaia Barth was honored with an award for her significant acts of compassion and ongoing dedication to helping the environment and wildlife.

It's no surprise to hear, then, that her mom, Deanna Barth, was the recipient of this year's Purple Cape Award for her outstanding achievements in Wildlife Search and Rescue. This year, Deanna rescued more than a dozen injured pelicans and Canada geese, and traveled in excess of 1,000 miles delivering them to various wildlife hospitals for treatment. Bravo, Deanna!!!

Many thanks to Santa Clara County Parks for use of their facility for our event.

Don't miss the encore presentation of The Year In Rescues on December 15th at the Elkhorn Yacht Club in Moss Landing. The presentation will begin promptly at 5:00 PM. Guests will be treated to warm apple cider and holiday cookies.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your caring and dedication to helping wildlife. You really are a true heroine.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing you guys are doing. I admire so much what you do. Makes me feel so proud.