Feb 27, 2013

Another grounded hawk

Today WES received a call about a hawk in San Jose. It had been observed for two days, in the same location.

WES' Sammarye arrived quickly. The bird was hunched up and barely struggled when she picked it up.

It was transported to the WIldlife Center of Silicon Valley where it received immediate medical attention. 
As of Friday, March 1, it was still in critical condition.

Recently, quite a few weakened red-tailed hawks have been collected in the Greater Bay Area. While it's  not uncommon to find juveniles, failing to thrive, there is concern that rodenticide might be the primary cause for the raptors' condition.

Many, many thanks to those of you who have already sponsored blood tests to help determine the cause of these recent casualties Mary, JoAnn, Jason, Lloyd, Amy, Dimitrios, and Eric!!!

Sponsor a coagulation panel on a live bird for $45.00 HERE, which confirms exposure to an anticoagulant, or sponsor a $110.00 rodenticide screening, which actually pinpoints the poison, HERE.

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