Apr 22, 2013

Long-tailed Weasel

Yesterday, WES was referred a call about a baby weasel, found at the edge of a dirt road, vocalizing. Duane and Rebecca responded quickly.When they arrived, they were greeted by Betty, the woman who found the infant carnivore on her property near Elkhorn. She showed them the exact spot it was found so they could look for siblings, but none was found.

The baby weasel was fully furred, but it's eyes were still closed, making it about 3 1/2 weeks old. From the animal's condition, we knew it had been without its mom for some time. Hunger drove it from the nest and into the open in search of its mother.

It was very cold, dehydrated, and starving, but still had enough life left to cry. 

Immediately, the baby weasel was placed on a suplemental heat source. At WES headquarters, the tiny animal was placed on a heated surface and given fluids, then placed into a small box on a heating pad, where it curled up and went to sleep. Check out the video below.

The animal was later transported by volunteer First Responder Ron Eby and transferred to SPCA for Monterey County Wildlife Center.

We checked in with the hospital the following day, and they said the weasel was doing well and had even gained weight.

Many thanks to everyone who helped save this wonderful creature!

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Lindsay said...

Aw! Tugs at my heartstrings something terrible!