Apr 8, 2013

Three Great Horned Owlets Renested

Today's strong and gusty winds sent three great horned owl chicks tumbling to the ground from their nest, high in a eucalyptus tree. Parents watched from above as residents picked up the fallen babies and placed them into a box. WES was called to help.

Duane and Rebecca responded to the residence in Freedom, CA. After examining the youngsters for injuries and finding none, they got to work on constructing a substitute nest out of a laundry basket.
Duane attached the modified basket to an adjacent tree - one with bark that will be easier for the chicks to cling to when they start exploring.

Next, the chicks were placed, one by one, into their new nest. They were covered with a dark pillowcase to keep them calm during the process. The area was then cleared.

Just after dark, the resident reported seeing an adult owl - one of the parents, on the nest.

Check out the amazing video below:


amazon annie said...

Wonderful to see these young birds returned to their parents. Great Horned Owls need extra time to develop their hunting skills, and are fed by parents long after fledging. Thanks for giving them their best chance of surviving in the wild as normal adults. Anne Miller

John said...

Amazing! Great work! The owl we found today is on it's way to Morgan Hill after being checked by Dr. Moran in Hollister. Thanks for your help!
John Basanese