Jun 22, 2013

Acorn woodpecker update

One of the most time-consuming tasks of reuniting wildlife, is the monitoring that must be conducted afterwards to ensure a successful reunion of an animal with its family - to confirm parental care.

This week, Sammarye, one of WES's lead responders, devoted a tremendous amount of her time to documenting the little woodpecker's progress. 
Here's her account of what she witnessed yesterday:

When I arrived, there was no activity around the original nest cavity, but about four adult woodpeckers were going in and out of an adjacent hole. 

I could hear the young woodpecker calling, but the sound wasn't coming from the home-tree. I found it in another palm tree, about 10' away. It stayed there a long time, kind of picking its way up and around. Very tentative.

After a while, it flew to another palm tree, and hunkered down in a protected area, and was there about 20 minutes or so before flying back to the home-tree. It picked its way up toward the nest, where an adult swooped down and fed it. It appears to be doing fine. : D


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