Jul 18, 2013

Puzzling wildlife deaths at solar projects

There have been a substantial number of wildlife deaths at solar projects. Below are links to a series of articles written by environmental journalist Chris Clarke that bring this important news to the world. Check it out:

April 16th Government Study: Big Renewable Energy Projects Threaten Wildlife

July 10th Endangered Bird Found Dead at Desert Solar Power Facility

July 17th Water Birds Turning Up Dead at Solar Projects in the Desert

July 18th Great Blue Herons Die At Solar Project


Thia said...

Oh no... could you write your "take" on it all~ I haven't time yet to read each article... but I'd love to hear what you're understanding

Craig Downer said...

This is deplorable. Solar projects belong on our rooftops not out on the public lands. Leave these as natural as possible, and share the money from solar energy with the rooftop owners -- you and me!

Anonymous said...

OMG one more thing to worry about. When will it end