Oct 5, 2013

Barn Owl In A Building

By Rebecca Dmytryk

This afternoon, Susan and Sammarye responded to an emergency call from Alex, with Devcon Constructionabout a barn owl that was trapped in a newly constructed office building in Mountain View. 

The building was an impressive 5 stories! The owl was on the 3rd floor, perched high on some framing in a small, 12-foot area. 

I am so proud of our responders. Instead of rushing in and trying to net the bird, they stood back and took time planning their capture strategy. 

I am so impressed - in plotting out their actions and the bird's possible reaction, in playing out the "What Ifs", they thought BIG. Big and wide and safe.

Using lightweight garden netting, they blocked the owl's escape into the rest of the building - just in case. 

Taking this type of precaution is so important - it can make all the difference, but it usually requires a great deal of extra effort. Alex, Fred and Fidel were extremely supportive and jumped right in to help secure the netting.

Once the fabric was in place, Alex - with his long reach, made the first attempt with a long-handled net. 

He got it, but wasn't prepared for the owl's strength and agility. It slipped under and out of the hoop and took off - right into the garden netting!

When birds hit a wall of netting, they tend to bounce and often drop. The owl dropped to the floor - right in front of an open veranda. Perfect!

The veranda, though, was bordered by glass railing. Instead of flying up and away, the owl bumped into the glass. 

Susan quickly netted it. As she lifted it up, she felt it was in good shape - good weight and strong, so she immediately set it free. Way to go!

A HUGE Thank You!!! to Alex, Fred and Fidel, 
of Devcon Construction. THANK YOU!!!!


Jean said...

I'm so impressed with the dedicated rescues that Wildlife Emergency Services undertakes.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Great to hear some positive news re: our wildlife.

Patricia said...

Well done~