Oct 9, 2013

Rewilding the world and you

This is an incredible and inspiring talk by George Monbiot. Check it out:


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, inspiring way to start out my Sunday!

Unknown said...

Wonderful talk on rewilding, by George Monbiot! Indeed, this should be the new goal of humanity: how to restore harmony by letting the diverse life forms reestablish such. They know! I would also like to add that members of the Horse Family, including the modern horse Equus caballus, and other members of their Order Perissodactyla: the tapirs and the rhinos, are vital restorers of ecosystems. One of the chief reasons for this concerns their post-gastric digestive systems that greatly build soils and disperse intact seeds of many species, and moreso than is the case with the ruminant digesters. If you are interested in these and related subjects check out my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy available on amazon in print or as eBook.