Oct 25, 2013

WildHelp App update

By Rebecca Dmytryk

The WildHelp App pledge drive on Kickstarter (HERE) is just a few days from ending.

The good news is, thanks to our backers, we reached our initial goal amount of $10,000.00. 

That means (under Kickstarter rules), that in about 2 weeks we'll receive the funds, which is currently just over $13K.

As many of you know, the cost to build the WildHelp App and have it ready by Spring 2014 is close to $32K. Here's a breakdown:

Programming: $14,000.00
Research and data entry: $11,000.00
Development: $3,000.00
Kickstarter fees (based on 20K): $2,000.00
Rewards and shipping: $1,800.00

So far, we've received about $8,500.00 in donations toward the development of WildHelp, plus our pledged support on Kickstarter, which leaves us, about $9,000.00 shy.

Please, please, please back the project on Kickstarter, HERE, if you haven't already, or mail a tax-deductible donation exclusively for WildHelp to:

Wildlife Emergency Services
Box 65, Moss Landing CA 95039

More good news: We'll be beta testing the iOS version in a few days - that's really exciting! Then our development team will put the final touches on it before submitting it to Apple for review.

A HUGE Thank You! to our supporters!
Together, we're going to make this happen!

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