Jun 26, 2014

Help for a great blue

Photo courtesy Doris Sharrock
With nowhere else to turn, we're seeking the public's help, especially birders, to assist us in establishing this great blue heron's behavior - where it likes to land and where it roosts at night. 

This is the only hope we have of capturing this poor animal!

It was observed a couple of days ago at the American Canyon Wetlands, south of Napa, CA. 

Pictured here, the heron with a dragonfly it caught. It was never able to swallow the insect for the fishing line wrapped around its bill.

Please, if you can help, please email us at admin@wildlifeservices.org. Report sightings to 831-429-2323 or 866-WILD-911 X 4.



Anonymous said...

I hope someone that can help sees this post.

Anonymous said...

So very sad. Hope and pray someone sees and can get help for this magnificent bird before it starves to death.

Anonymous said...

Any idea as to where this bird is? I don't know the behavior of Great Blue's and if they fly great distances or stake our territories, but where was the picture taken? That would at least help.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, there is a wildlife rescue in Napa that deal mostly with birds. Have you contacted them? They are very close to American Canyon.
Sharon Ponsford

Rebecca Dmytryk said...

Yes. We've been in touch. They do not have the resources to do recon nor do they really have the skills / equipment for this kind of rescue. They did offer up help during a rescue attempt. We will be providing a rescue training in that region this winter.

Unknown said...

I have been to the American Canyon Wetlands two days in a row and have been unable to find this bird, it's been 6 days since I first saw it...I'm fearful that it may be too late. A man named Mark was also out this morning sent my Cheryl from the Napa Wildlife center.

Thanks for all your help Rebecca.

Doris Sharrock