Sep 14, 2014

Skunk rescued from leg-hold trap

This morning, WES received a report of a skunk stuck in a trap off Rodeo Gulch in Soquel, CA. Responders found the young male skunk caught in an illegal leg-hold trap. 

This particular type of body-gripping trap was outlawed in California in 1998. The only time this sort of trap can be used is for public health and safety.

The skunk was only a few feet from the road. It appeared as though it had been traveling, dragging the trap, when it got tangled among fallen branches.

Wildlife Officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife also responded and assisted in the rescue and are investigating the violations.

WES transported the animal to skunk expert, Monique, with Santa Cruz's Native Animal Rescue. A thorough examination revealed the skunk had a small, bullet-like wound on its back. Radiographs will be taken to confirm if the animal was shot.

A huge THANK YOU! to Keith for calling and reporting this emergency, and many thanks to our local Wildlife Officers for assisting!

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nancy Laird RN said...

What type of damage has been done to the animals leg?