Sep 8, 2014

Bobcat rescue at UCSC

This evening, WES was called on by UC Santa Cruz Campus Police to help with an injured bobcat that had apparently been struck by a vehicle. It had made its way off the road and into a vacant lot where officers kept watch until rescuers arrived.

The bobcat was alert and defensive - a good sign, but it had a significant injury to its left rear leg and its right eye was cloudy.

WES responders used an open-ended net to capture and contain the cat. This method eliminates direct contact with the animal.

Because there are no veterinarians in the Santa Cruz area to provide emergency care, the animal was transfer to WES' wildlife veterinarian in Los Gatos and on to the Wildlife Center for Silicon Valley.

Sadly, the cat did not make it through the night. A necropsy will be performed and its liver sent for testing for possible exposure to rodenticides.

If you would like to cover the cost of testing for rodenticide exposure, click HERE.

Stay tuned!

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