Oct 29, 2014

Trapped bobcat freed by wildlife officials

This week, Byron Jones, Wildlife Officer for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, released a trapped bobcat back into the wild. Check out the video below.

The bobcat was cage-trapped on a property where chickens had been killed. The poultry pen was built well enough to keep the chickens from escaping but it was not predator proof. 

The animal was freed and the land owner was advised on more appropriate housing and husbandry practices to keep from losing any more animals to the resident wildlife.

Section 401 of Title 14 in the California Code of Regulations requires certain information be collected before a depredation permit for a particular species can be issued - a permit allowing the "problem" animal(s) to be taken, or killed. This information includes a description of all non-lethal measures undertaken to prevent damage prior to requesting the permit and a description of corrective actions that will be implemented to prevent future damage.

Here are some helpful links to fencing, housing and husbandry:

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Image from Wildlife Online.

Image from Wildlife Online.

Image from Wildlife Online.


Anonymous said...

So nice to see a bobcat get a second chance. I hope it was released near its home territory - otherwise it likely wont make it. It will head back to where it is from or die trying.

Anonymous said...

Heartwarming to see the bobcat freed.