Oct 28, 2014

Skunk sawed free

By Rebecca Dmytryk

This afternoon, after rescuing the opossum in the cage trap, WES was referred another call from the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter. 

Apparently a skunk had gotten stuck in a fence bordering two properties. Its head-end was on one side and its business-end was at the neighbor's.

I used a sheet to shield me from the skunk's protest as I got a closer look at the situation. 

The skunk was in good shape - bright and alert and seemingly uninjured.

I was able to squeeze a couple of fingers between the skunk and the wood where I began cutting away using a hand saw.

Check out the video below.


Anonymous said...

Good work! That is a beautiful skunk! Hope it didn't spray when released.

Anonymous said...

Ditto! A Purple Heart is in order.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!