May 18, 2015

Fawn receives helping hand from weed abatement inspector

Last week, Los Angeles County Weed Abatement Inspector Ellen Walton was checking out a parcel in Glendale when she noticed a doe and her fawn on a hillside, standing near a couple of erosion gullies. 

The doe was behaving oddly - not leaving when Ellen appeared. Instead, it kept its attention on one of the deep cuts in the slope. 

Ellen climbed up the slope to investigate.

There, in the gully was a second fawn! It had fallen in and couldn't get out. 

Ellen quietly made her way down the hillside, sliding much of the way. The ravine was deep. She had to lay flat to reach the baby deer and lift it to safety.

Once she had the fawn on solid ground, Ellen aimed it toward its mother and let nature take its course. She watched as it went strait to its mom!



Anonymous said...

Great that the fawn went straight to its mother!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work Ellen!