May 11, 2015

Red-tailed hawk rescue

By Deanna Barth

This evening, I received a call from Hollister Animal Control about an injured hawk. The address was just down the road from my home, so I was there in minutes. 

The property was vast, with pastures and rolling hills. 

The reporting party had been working in his yard when he heard a commotion high above him. He looked up to see what appeared to be two hawks fighting in mid air. Suddenly, one of them spun out of control and plummeted to the ground.  

He quickly crossed the field and found the hawk lying on its back with both wings extended. After sheltering the terrified bird with a tarp, he called the non-emergency police line for help.

Having the bird somewhat contained under the tarp made my job a little easier. 

I lifted a corner and peeked underneath to see what position the hawk was in. Once I knew where the talons were, I moved to that side.  

With one hand resting across the bird to prevent it from moving, I used my other gloved hand to gain control of the legs, then lifted the tarp.  

The red-tailed hawk was bright and alert and on cursory exam there was no obvious sign of injury. It was transported to the SPCA for Monterey Wildlife Center for further evaluation and care. 

UPDATE: 5-12-2015

The hawk suffered an injury to hallux, or hind toe. The bird, a female, was also slightly underweight. She will be held for about a week to get her weight up and to see if she can successfully catch prey, before returning her home.

Stay tuned!!!

UPDATE: 5-19-2015

After about a week of rehabilitative care the red-tailed hawk was ready for release. Deanna returned it to Stony Brook Drive in Hollister and set her free.

"There is nothing more rewarding then to release a once injured animal, now healthy, right back to where it came from."

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participating in this birds rescue and recovery!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Job, Deanna! I am so thankful that we have individuals like you.Sandy Terry