Jul 20, 2015

Increase in number of skunks caught in rat traps

This last week, in the Santa Cruz area, 3 skunks were rescued from rat traps within four days!

The first one was caught in a trap that was left set by a chicken coop. 

After getting its foot caught, the trap got stuck in fencing, which was actually a good thing, otherwise it might have run off.

The trap was removed and the youngster was transported to local skunk rehabilitator, Monique Lee.

The second skunk looked in pretty good shape -
 the trap appeared to have only caught its nails. Rescuers were able to remove the trap from its foot, but the skunks managed to get away before they could contain it.

The third skunk was seen wandering the streets near La Selva Beach Sunday afternoon. It appeared later in a backyard, a few houses away from where it had initially been trapped.

Check out the rescue video:

Check out the great news coverage, HERE.

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