Aug 26, 2015

Meet Jaco with Mpumalanga Animal Crime Watch

My name is Jaco Klopper, Co-founder of Mpumalanga Animal Crime Watch NPC. We are dedicating all our time to protect and conserve the free roaming wildlife & domestic animals in South Africa. 

Our main goal is to lift as many illegal snares in and around Mpumalanga Province. We have developed programs to assist MACW to help fight this war. Yes we are fighting a war - a war on poachers. 

We are losing our wildlife due to the lack of support of our Government. 

Our current programs include:

 Volunteer Snare Removal Program

We have conducted numerous successful projects via this program. We have built up massive support from the public due to the nature of the work we do. We organize special snare removal projects for this initiative. Our Volunteers range from 8 to 50 years in age.

Student Snare Removal Program

This module was designed to introduce and create awareness among the youth, with the vision to discover and develop students passionate about wildlife. This program was successfully implemented with great success.

Community Service Snare Removal Program

We believe in second chances and created this profile to assist troubled youth and to teach them and to rebuild their broken spirits. Removing snares is a life changing experience. It creates a feeling of worthiness. It teaches respect and a sense of responsibility.

Specialized Snare Removal Program

Called the MACW Bush Warriors, these are specially trained units operating on contract with the goal to protect and conserve our free roaming wildlife. These teams clearing and maintaining properties. They work in conjunction with the MPTA and other specialized organizations.

Search & Rescues

We pride ourselves with a 100% success rate when called upon. Unfortunately most wildlife caught in snares don’t survive due to strangulation or fatal wounds. Domestic animals have a better chance of survival but it depends on the breed and temperament.

Wildlife Services

We are dedicated to build up records. Our immediate focus will be recording all wildlife movements we encounter, total number of animals found dead in snares, animal tracks found and other vital information to be reported to the Mbombela Environmental Committee. We will collect all information by means of photographs, GPS and reports.

We are using numerous channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and google +. We have a Youtube channel that the public can subscribe to in order to follow everything we do. We have a collection of videos. Rescues, snare removals and educational content we share to educate the masses.


We are on the front line and the first defense when it comes to the protection of our heritage. We encounter armed and very dangerous poachers everyday. We are up against syndicates. We have syndicates involved in Animal Trafficking (wild & domestic animals), Syndicates involved in the illegal bush meat trade, Animal body parts, Fish poaching and much more. 

We are making a difference but the syndicates supply the poachers with high-tech equipment and arms. This is our biggest concern. They use the same gear as the rangers and even better equipment. 

We came into contact with a group of poachers and we were forced to hand over all our equipment, cameras, GPS units, and other equipment. 

Due to the red tape it took MACW 9 months to get registered and for the past two and a half years we operated on our own income. We used our own vehicle a Fiat Palio 1200 on roads not suited for a normal car but 4X4's. This did not held us back but made us more determent to do what we do best. 

We would like to thank each and everyone for the support. 


I am proud of what we have done, animals saved, we did this not for the money but the passion. I have not received a salary in the last two and a half years and counting... 

Please edit and add or remove what you think needs to be done. Thank you so much once again. 

Thank you for considering support of our efforts to save the wildlife of South Africa.

Warm regards,


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