Sep 24, 2015

Turkey vulture ventures into a water truck tank

Last Friday, WES received a call about a turkey vulture that had been trapped inside a commercial water truck tank in Aromas. The hatch had been left open and unattended, perhaps for days. We don't know how long the bird had been in there.

Frightened of the bird, workers thought to fill the tank with water and flush it out.

When rescuers arrived they found the immature vulture alert, with its wings spread, warming and drying in the sun. Typical of vultures, this is called the "horaltic pose" and it helps them warm up before they take to the wing.

Rescuer, Rebecca Dmytryk, captured the bird and transported it to Native Animal Rescue in Santa Cruz.

After five days in care the bird was deemed releasable.

The young turkey vulture was transported back to the area where it was captured and set free. Check out the video of its capture and release.

A huge THANK YOU!!! to Ben for calling WES to the rescue!

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1 comment:

Bill said...

Since these Turkey Vultures (TV) are social birds, I wonder where its social unit might have been and did the TV find them?