Nov 29, 2015

Foxes freed from abandoned water tank

This afternoon, WES responded to a call about two gray foxes that were stuck in a large, empty water tank. Being great climbers, they must have climbed the adjacent tree and either jumped or fell in. 

No one knew how long they'd been entrapped, but both animals appeared to be in good condition - bright and alert, and terrified.

The remains of a less fortunate prisoner - a skull and jawbone, indicated this tank had been like this for some time, and had taken its toll. Vertical surfaces - anything with slick vertical sides can be deadly to wildlife.

Since the water tank wasn't hooked up to any pipes and could be tipped over fairly easily, this seemed to be a less traumatic way to release the fox. The homeowner and friend tipped the tank and out they shot, free at last!

Check out the video:

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