Jan 1, 2016

First rescue of 2016: skunk stuck in patio

It's skunk breeding season. The weasel-like ratters are all about, roaming the night, seeking each other out and exploring for potential den sites under homes, causing quite a stink. This time of year roads and highways are littered with the unlucky ones.

Last night, New Years, real fireworks outmatched any amorous sparks, possibly leading one skunk to spill into a walled-in patio on Beach Drive in Aptos.

This morning, the skunk was found frantically trying to escape - even climbing the low steps of the outdoor spiral staircase, but making little progress. Skunks don't climb well, at all. There was no way for the animal to get out on its own. 

Both Native Animal Rescue and WES were called to the scene. (Thank you Mary!) 

The skunk was extremely alert and very, very upset. 

After losing in a draw of Ro-sham-bo, one of WES' directors took the lead. Check out the video, below:

If you're experiencing problems with skunks in your yard, look for the nearest Humane Wildlife Control service from this site, HERE.

Want more skunk? Watch the full episode of Is That Skunk, below:

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Ron Eby said...

Great video showing how to deal with a skunk in a minimally intrusive manner. Especially like the flashing light to direct its movement.