Jul 13, 2016

A new nest for a mourning dove family

Yesterday afternoon, Deanna Barth, lead responder for wildlife emergencies in her community of Hollister, answered a call about a fallen baby dove - mourning dove. When she arrived on scene, one of the parents was on the shallow twig nest, tending to a nestling, the other one was on the ground just below. 

For safe keeping, Deanna boxed up the fallen baby and took it with her while she gathered supplies and crafted a new nest. 

The new nest was made out of a shallow plastic bin to mimic the depth of the dove nest. Holes were drilled in the bottom to allow for drainage. 

When Deanna approached the tree to replace the nest, the parents flew onto a nearby roof and watched.

Deanna placed the original nest material in basket, cable tied the plastic bin to the branches, then placed both birds into their new nest.  

One of the most important but time-consuming steps in reuniting baby wildlife is monitoring afterwards to confirm a successful reunion. Deanna watched from afar, and it wasn't long before one of the parents flew to the nest.

Great job, Deanna!!!

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