Jul 22, 2016

Entangled great horned owl

This afternoon, WES received a call from the DeLaveaga Golf Course in Santa Cruz. An owl was entangled in the drive range netting, about 30' high or so. Lewis Tree Service had offered use of their bucket truck, they just needed some experienced hands to free the bird.

Once scene, we asked patrons to stop hotting balls while we performed the rescue.

Lewis Tree Service allowed Duane to use the bucket to reach the owl. It took a bit of doing to untangle the bird's sharp talons, but in just a couple of minutes, the bird was free.

 The bird was bright and alert. We consulted with a wildlife hospital for instructions and it was decided the bird was fit enough to be released.

Check out the video of the rescue:


David Harper said...

Good story, thank you WES for all you do!

Edith said...

Happy you saved owl from a miserable slow death....Really nice of Lewis Tree Ser. to lend truck..You are HEROS in my book....Glad it had a happy ending....keep up the great work you are doing....

Unknown said...

Wonderful work!