Jul 29, 2016

Skunk stuck in a bathtub

By Rebecca Dmytryk

It was supposed to be a day off (What's that?). Duane and I were headed for a sweet little coffee shop for pastries then to an early showing of the Bourne movie, when we received a call from the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter about a skunk, stuck in someone's bathtub. What? Really?... Yep.

We threw on rescue tees and headed for Aptos to one of the oddest calls we've ever had... how did a skunk get into the house and climb into the bathtub in which he is now stuck because he can't climb out? The family had been home all night, lots of kids (sleepover), boxer-dog, but maybe the sliding glass door was left open... 

In preparation for the rescue, the sweet dog was put in one of the bedrooms and the kids were going to wait outside to watch the release. They were super great - very quiet and patient. So was the skunk.

The idea was to get the animal covered with a sheet so the fabric will take the hit if it sprayed - which I really thought it would. I warned the homeowner that it was a distinct possibility, and gave some tips on airing out the house - like simmering French roast coffee all day to neutralize the odor.

The key with skunks is to be really quiet - silent - and very, very slow. I used a large bed sheet to approach and cover the animal. He was super tolerant and didn't spray until we were running towards the slider - I am sure the sound of my heeled boots on the hardwood floor didn't help! In the end, the only casualty was the Ken doll.

Check out the rescue:

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