Apr 1, 2017

First Fawn

Spring is officially here and with it comes the busiest season for wildlife rescuers. 

Today, we responded to our first fawn call of the year - a fawn in a garage, under a car.

We suspect the newborn fawn was 'dropped' nearby and it decided the open garage looked like a good place to hide from predators and the car added even more protection.

The doe was observed in the area.

WES re-situated the fawn a few yards away under a tree in the unfenced yard and gave explicit instructions to the resident humans to keep it quiet in that part of the yard for the remainder of the day.

Deer leave their fawns for hours at a time. If you find an unattended fawn, don't panic but report it to the nearest wildlife rescue or rehabilitation center. Locate the nearest wildlife expert using the WildHelp App for Phones. Download it for free, HERE.