Nov 19, 2017

Readying for 2018

As we head into the holiday season and toward the new year, we wanted to give thanks to everyone who has supported our endeavors. You made it possible for us to save lives on so many fronts.

Your donations funded our emergency response team, which helped us rescue hundreds of wild animals that would have otherwise gone unassisted.

Your support helped us reach thousands of people through our workshops, speaking engagements, and seminars, where we shared our knowledge and expertise. 

You also helped fund lab tests that proved wild animals had been exposed to poison, helping us bring attention to the risk of rodenticides.

Now, as the year draws to a close, we'd like to ask for your continued support in 2018. 

To make a contribution, click HERE, or, check out the list of special projects below. 

Again, thank you for your past and continued support!

Rebecca Dmytryk
Founder and CEO

Rodenticide Screenings
Help us bring an end to anticoagulant rodenticide use. 

In 2018 we want to test more wildlife for anticoagulant rodenticide exposure to help establish how pervasive and dangerous these poisons are. We want to include deceased feral cats in this study. To our knowledge this has never been done. Each test costs $150.00. Click the Donate button below to contribute towards this project. Thank you for your support!

Coyote Capture Trap

Coyotes are by far the most difficult animals to capture. They do not go into cage traps readily. We would like to build and test a prototype of a large coyote "trap". If it proves successful, we would make this capture tool available to other organizations and agencies to safely capture coyotes in need of medical attention. Initial prototype $2,000.00. Includes radio for remote triggering. Click the Donate button below to contribute towards this project. Thank you! 

Education and Advocacy

Last year, WES founder, Rebecca Dmytryk, was appointed to the Department of Fish and Wildlife's Predator Policy Workgroup. The group of 10 was tasked with reviewing the State's wildlife policies and regulations and proposing changes. Unfortunately, the workgroup made little progress, but Dmytryk is committed to the job. She will lead an informal workgroup to continue the important work - reviewing the regulations and proposing changes to better reflect today's conservation values. 

Also for 2018, WES has a number of speaking engagements already calendared, including two presentations in Southern California on Living With Urban Coyotes and three wildlife capture and handling trainings. 

Click the Donate button below to help cover costs of travel to provide our educational presentations and attend Fish and Game commission meetings throughout the state. Thank you for your support!

Basic Supplies

We'd like to provide our lead responders with a couple of new nets with custom bags for special rescues, and resupply them with gloves, safety glasses, masks, hand cleaner, towels and sheets, and a small mammal carrier. Each kit, including the nets, will run us about $85.00. Click the Add to Cart button below to purchase a kit for one of our lead rescuers. Thank you! 

Quad-County Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

And if you have $500,000.00 sitting around that you don't know what to do with, we're looking to establish a wildlife center to serve San Benito and surrounding counties. Desperately needed. This includes two salaried positions for three years at $50,000.00 each - for a Wildlife Care Manager and Rescue Coordinator, and $200,000.00 for start-up, enclosures, supplies and general operating expenses over 3 years. We need a backer before we can be serious about any kind or lease agreement. Please contact if you're interested or have any ideas or questions. 

Thank you!!!!