Apr 21, 2014

Bushtit re-nesting

A bushtit nest came down with the limb of a tree that was being pruned. Inside was an older, feathered baby bushtit and, oddly, 4 developing eggs. The chick  appeared healthy and was vocalizing, but the eggs did not survive the fall. 

WES responders were on scene quickly. They sewed up a hole in the base of the nest and attached it back where it had been. All the while, the parents were watching.

Once the nest was securely in place, the adult birds came to investigate. 

At first, they reacted to some of their own feathers protruding from the nest where it had been torn. This seemed very upsetting to them. A note for those who re-nest wild birds!

After removing the feathers, they responded to the chick's vocalization and within seconds an adult arrived with a mouth full of insects.

It wasn't long before an adult was observed entering the nest. Success!

Check out the video of the re-nesting:


The adults were seen caring for their chick while constructing a new nest, right next to the old one. We're told the chick fledged successfully!