Apr 20, 2012

Great horned owlets reunited!

This morning, we received a call from the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley about two healthy great horned owlets. They had been found the evening before by Lynda, from Chaparral Ranch. 

While out for a ride Lynda noticed the babies at the base of a eucalyptus tree near Sandy Wool Lake. Thankfully, she recognized they were too young to be on the ground.

At about 2:00 PM today, Lynda met up with WildRescue's Duane and Rebecca to direct them to the exact tree. Scat and owl pellets littered the ground - a sign that they had found the spot. About 14' above, they identified the remains of the nest. It appeared as though the nest of eucalyptus twigs and bark, had simply disintegrated. Our team quickly went to work constructing a new nest for the family. 

Using a laundry basket, they attached limbs to the sides for perching, and lined the inside with dry vegetation. Holes in the bottom would allow for drainage. Laundry baskets make excellent replacement nests for great horned owls. There is documentation of a pair using a laundry basket for nearly a decade!

As the new nest was being secured to the home tree, the baby owls were delivered by Ashley Kinney, Wildlife Rehabilitation Supervisor at the Wildlife Center. With everything in place, the owlets were carefully hoisted into the tree and set into their new nest.

During all of the commotion, the adult owl had remained in place, watching. Once the team had cleared the area, the adult appeared fixated on the nest.

The nest will be monitored to see that the parents are caring for their young. We have every reason to believe they will.

Check out more on reuniting great horned owls and other raptors at Anne Miller's site, HERE.

We want to say a huge Thank You! to Chris from Bellizzi Tree Service for once again offering to help!

4-24-12 UPDATE: At about noon, one of the parents was sitting in the nest with the babies.


Anonymous said...

Much kudos to you kind, caring people. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Great Job You guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooooooo hoo hoo
Thank you in great horned owl language. And thank you from us bird lovers.