Jun 23, 2012

Summer time

This week WildRescue received an extraordinary number of calls reporting wildlife in distress, and a lot of calls from people wanting to rid their homes of furry invaders. Here's just a sampling:

A young turkey, found wandering in Santa Cruz. A broken-winged great horned owl, also found in Santa Cruz. A mourning dove, trapped in a clean room in San Jose. A fledgling kite, grounded on Mare Island. A red-shouldered hawk fledgling, found on the ground in San Francisco's Presidio and doing just fine. A Pacific loon, found on a road in Santa Cruz. Another red-tailed hawk fledgling, found. A fledgling sparrow reunited with its family in Watsonville after being 'kidnapped'.

Coyotes causing concern for residents in Santa Cruz. Pacific Grove - a person called, complaining about gulls on his roof. A gopher snake, found in a yard in the La Selva Beach area - saved from being killed for being a rattlesnake! Raccoons sneaking into a person's home in Aptos. A baby gull, fallen from its nest atop an elementary school in Santa Cruz and reportedly being tortured by children. A fledgling jay, wounded by a cat in Boulder Creek. A striped skunk, found in a swimming pool in Morgan Hill.

Four calls about raccoons nesting in crawlspaces. Another gopher snake spared. A Cooper's hawk, found dead near Almaden. A cat-caught hummingbird in Scott's Valley. A sick skunk found in Royal Oaks. A baby quail, mortally wounded by a cat in Santa Cruz. A snake, trapped in a sticky glue trap in Aptos. A healthy fledgling hawk, found in Corralitos, was picked up and then returned to its home.

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Unknown said...

All in one week!?!?! You guys are AMAZING!!
Thank you from the humans for all you do for the wildlife!!!