Mar 9, 2013

Electrocuted bobcat

Earlier this week we were contacted about an injured bobcat, seen on a path in the foothills above Coyote Creek in Santa Clara County. It was reportedly dragging a rear leg.

The week before, on March 1st, the area experienced a brownout. PG&E responded, and found the body of an adult bobcat, collapsed and hanging on the power pole where it had been electrocuted. Its body was removed and left at the base of the pole.

The much smaller, injured bobcat was sighted the next morning. Residents speculate it's the kitten of the one that was killed.

A few days later, 
after attempts to trap the small cat failed, WES was called for assistance.

Duane and Rebecca responded on scene. They were shown where the injured bobcat was seen fairly regularly - near the body of the dead adult.

The carcass had been moved though - dragged under a bush, and most of the flesh was gone. Perhaps the injured bobcat had survived a week by scavenging.
The duo split up to look for the cat. A rafter of turkeys continued their marched through the woodland as the two searched both sides of the creek.

All of a sudden, Duane called out - he spotted it. It was a small cat, but clearly an adult, not a kitten. There was blood around its mouth and hindquarters, but it seemed able to put weight on all four legs. After seeing Duane, it slunk back into the brush.

The cat was definitely injured and in need of medical attention, but too mobile to chase down. The team decided to set a large cage-trap. The trap will only be set during daylight hours, and checked every two hours.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

This is so very sad! I love bobcats! They are beautiful and shy away from human contact as well they should considering the poachers that would kill them for their hides! We need to protect these beautiful cats before there are no more left to protect!

Anonymous said...

I hope you can help that other cat. So sad, the impact we have on the wildlife here. :/