Mar 15, 2013

Opossum vs. Dogs

Today, WES was called out to rescue and opossum from a backyard in Watsonville, CA. According to the family reporting the animal, their dogs had been barking during the night and into the morning hours. Once it was light out, they saw they had an opossum in the yard.

At first, the opossum appeared to be alright, but on closer inspection, responders found blood on its fur - it had been attacked by the family's dogs. Check out the rescue video:

The mother opossum, her pouch full of babies, was taken to a nearby wildlife hospital for treatment. 


Anonymous said...

Opossums are a gardener's best friend. They eat snails, slugs and many other pests that destroy our flowers, vegetables and plants. They're shy, non aggressive creatures that should be protected at all costs. Hopefully this mother and her babies will survive. I will gladly welcome them in my garden! An update would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Someone said the same thing about The raccoons, however in order for them to find these tasty snails, slugs and other pests they felt it necessary to uproot most of the plants surrounding my home just about killing the entire landscape... definitely not a gardners best friend, but they have their place someplace & somehow...