Aug 8, 2013

Another skunk freed from a rat trap

Newest generation of powerful snap traps. 

Photo by Monique Lee

You may remember this poor young skunk (her story HERE). She spent at least 18 hours with a rat trap on her nose and upper lip. She ended up losing the tip of her nose and lip in this horrible, and very preventable, accident.

This morning, we responded to a call about a small skunk in another one of these new, powerful snap traps. 

The RP was the person who set the trap. He was mortified and had been searching for help for the skunk since 3:00 AM until he received WES' number.

Check out the video of its rescue:

The skunk was delivered to Native Animal Rescue's specialist, Monique, for rehabilitative care.

UPDATE: 8-16-13

According to Monique, "Ernie", the skunk is ready for release!


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