Jun 13, 2014


We have exciting news - the WildHelp app has been approval by Apple! 

Once we've compiled the nationwide database - the list of specialists the app pulls from, we'll be ready to launch the app!

WildHelp will revolutionize the way people find help for animals they've found.

It streamlines the reporting process, linking finders with the right people who can help, taking the guesswork out of whom to call.

There is no other app like it - not even close! More, HERE.

Right now, we're building the nationwide database of wildlife professionals from around the country. We're not simply taking their names from an existing list, we're reaching out to each one to be sure we have their correct information. We're also adding state and federal agency contacts.

As you might imagine, this is extremely time consuming, so we're looking for assistance. 

If you'd like to help by taking on a state (or two), email Rebecca, HERE.

We're also updating the WildHelp web site. If you have web development skills, especially if you're familiar with Dreamweaver (AKA Nightmare-weaver), please contact us, HERE.

Stay tuned for the launch of the Wild Help app!