Jul 19, 2014

Skunks in a storm drain

This morning we received a call about two skunks that were trapped in a storm drain in Santa Cruz. The reporting party said she'd heard them in the night.

Duane and Rebecca arrived to find the skunks partially submerged in water.

One was in good shape, the other appeared a bit worse off, suffering from hypothermia.

A cage was prepared. Instant reusable heat packs (Thank you donors!) were placed inside a pillow case on the floor of the cage.

Instant reusable heat packs. Thank you donors for sending us these!!!

Using a long-handled dip net, Duane scooped up the coldest skunk and placed it inside the carrier. 

The second one was a bit more lively.

With both animals contained, their condition could be evaluated.

The liveliest one immediately started to dig at the grates to get free. It was released immediately on site.

The second one was given time to warm up.

After about 30 minutes, its shivering had subsided and it, too, was digging at the sides of the cage to get out.

After consulting with local skunk expert, Monique, the skunk was set free on site. It loped off, following the path of the first skunk, behind a wall, through a rose garden, and under a fence.

Home free.

Check out the heartwarming video:

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Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The work you do is just wonderful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Where did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Poor little skunks. You two are the most wonderful people. Thank you for doing what you do.