Jul 28, 2014

The shapely skunk

This morning, WES was called to respond to a skunk trapped in a fence - she was stuck between a wooden fence and a chain-link fencing. 

There was only one way out - through a gap in the wooden fence, but the adult skunk couldn't quite manage her way through... she kept getting stuck at the hips. 

Finally, she made it... 

WES has responded to quite a few emergencies involving skunks caught in fences - always caught at the hip. We have even been called to extract a carcass of a skunk that died, caught in a gap between a wooden fence and a wall. 

So, check your yard and patch any ground-level gaps that are 3" or smaller to prevent traveling skunks from getting stuck.

The skunks wide skull also gets stuck in objects, like plastic lids and food container - most infamously, Yoplait's original vercon-shaped cup, which has killed countless wild animals in the past 35 years.

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