Sep 6, 2014

A few well-deserved Shout-Outs!

Every year we receive hundreds of calls about wild animals in danger or distress. We want to share a few of the many stories of people helping animals as we give a few Shout-Outs to these local heroes.

Our first Shout-Out goes to PG&E for the stellar job they did in preparing for emergency repair of damaged power lines near an active osprey nest in Harkin's Slough.

They did an incredible job of having plenty of resources at-the-ready for a quick rescue of the osprey chick, should it have been necessary. Awesome! 

Another Shout-Out to a young woman named Lorie, who noticed a bird trapped behind netting at one of the Caltrain stations in Santa Clara County. She first reported the bird to authorities early in the evening but it took hours and many, many phone calls to get help. 

Finally, her persistence paid off when the bird was freed by Caltrain workers later that night. Never give up!

Another Shout-Out to Marie, in Los Angeles, who saved a healthy fledgling from the middle of the street. 

Following our instructions, she tended to it overnight and returned it to its family the next day for a successful reunion. Well done!

A warm Shout-Out to Patricia Donald, founder and coordinator of the Shorebird Park Nature Center in Berkeley, CA.

Every year, Patty rescues various creatures from harm. This year, she reunited a young white-tailed kite with its family - high in a tree. 

City of Berkeley Forestry supplied the bucket truck! A Shout-Out to them for assisting.

About a month later, Patty helped a couple of young barn owls back into their nest box. 

Thank you Patty for all you do for wildlife in Berkeley and beyond!

Another Shout-Out to the Morris family in Soquel and biologists with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife who expended great time and effort to help a doe with a PVC ring stuck on its foot.

A huge Shout-Out to Ron and LaVera in Montana, who helped a skunk out of a sticky situation. 

They came across this fellow wandering a dirt road...

Using polar fleece straps that LaVera uses in sewing, which just happened to be in the car, Ron ventured close enough to tie a length of them onto the cup and give a good yank.

It worked, and he didn't get sprayed!  Way to go!!!

A Shout-Out to The Lady at Beach who spent time tossing live beached sand dollars back into the shallows, reminiscent of Loren Eiseley's The Star Thrower - a must read.

How about a Shout-Out to WES' Duane and Rebecca, for taking time to untangle this creepy beach creature from debris. 

No limbs or fingers damaged during the ordeal!

A Shout-Out to Carrie, in Scotts Valley, for going out of her way to help newly hatched California quail chicks that had fallen down a storm drain. 

To Tamara - a Shout-Out for going to great lengths to find help for a bat ray, of all things!

Tamara observed the ray in a shallow lagoon-like area off Corte Madera Creek, in Kentfield, CA. 

The ray must have swum through a pipe and gotten trapped. At low tide, the area turned into a mud flat, with only a few puddles deep enough for the ray to survive.

Once Tamara contacted WES, we went to work to try and find help for the wayward ray and, lo and behold, we found someone who rescues sharks and rays - The Pelagic Shark Foundation!!! 

A grateful Shout-Out to Sean Van Sommeran with PSRF who responded from Santa Cruz!

To Romain and his wife who took a great deal of time and effort to report a severely injured American white pelican in Sunnyvale. 

They went out of their way to document the bird's location for rescuers. Thank you, Romain!

A hearty Shout-Out to Ingrid, in Seattle, who has gone to great efforts over the last couple of weeks to help rescue a young gull snared with a fishing bobber and weights.

Ingrid reached out to WES for advice. 

The gull was hatched on a rooftop adjacent to her apartment complex. With roof access impossible, Ingrid would have to lure the gull to a neighboring deck. 

We walked her through various capture strategies, and instructed her on how to build a drop trap - she did an amazing job!!!


Woo! A mega Shout-Out to Cecilia, who captured a rattlesnake and relocated it off her property. 

Apparently, she does this quite often. Tarantulas, too! What a kind and brave soul. 

Thank you Cecilia! May your compassion for living beings inspire others.

A huge Shout-Out to Jill, in Long Beach, CA for her ongoing efforts to rescue an injured Great Blue heron at El Dorado Park. 

Jill has spent weeks gaining the bird's trust, greeting it early each morning with bits of fresh fish. 

WES has been guiding rescue efforts. We hope for a capture this week. Good luck Jill!!!

To all the kind-hearted people who take the time to help animals in need,
you not only make a difference in that animal's life, but your act of compassion 
makes a difference in our world, inspiring kindness in others. Thank you! 



felicitas said...

So happy for all these creatures, would do the same if I came upon such situation

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post! Thank you for sharing this - really made my day!

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