Apr 10, 2015

Little big brown

This afternoon, Duane and Rebecca were inspecting a large commercial property in Mountain View, hoping their company, Humane Wildlife Control, will be hired to help solve the company's wildlife issues humanely and without the use of poison. 

During a tour of the facilities, they stumbled upon (nearly literally) a bat on the ground.

The bat was startled, and tried to get away, but couldn't fly.

Rebecca scooped up the 2" big brown bat (that's its name), and offered it some filtered water. It lapped the water, eagerly. Check out the video.

The bat was placed in a 5 gallon bucket with plenty of ventilation, and given a pillowcase to hide under. We use pillowcases and dish towels with animals that have sharp little nails that might get tangled in a looser weave like a bath towel.

The little big brown was transported to Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley for care.

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