Aug 2, 2015

Coyote pup rescue

Yesterday, we were called to help a young coyote that had been observed stumbling around between homes off Branciforte Drive. When we arrived, it was lying on a thicket of poison oak and California blackberry. It was just a pup.

Check out the video of it being rescued:

The pup was transported to Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley where it received an exam and found to be very underweight and dehydrated. Additional tests revealed the pup was suffering from a heavy load of internal parasites. 

With luck, the pup will get stronger and either join a pack of orphans for release back to the wild or be reunited with its pack.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: 8-10-15

An update from Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley: 

The female coyote pups was loaded with several species of coccidia and also had roundworms and hookworms, which debilitated her and caused emaciation and weakness. At intake we stabilized with SQ fluids and let her rest over night.

Over the course of three days we treated her with vaccinations and several anti-parasitic medications.

As of today her fecal is clean, and she is eating and starting to become way more active. She is still thin, so we are working on putting some meat on her bones. 


Anonymous said...

Great work, hopefully the little pup will make it.

Colleen H said...

You make it look so easy... Thank you for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby!!!

gail said...

That little coyote pup is not the only one who appreciates your dedication to helping the wild ones. Thanks for all you do.

Rasta Joy said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for helping her.

say**yes said...

Bless you for saving this baby! I know she will heal and grow under your care.